Monday, April 30, 2007

Lemon Celery Soup, Tempeh Scallopini, Spinach and Swiss Chard and Cucumber Wakame Salad

I decided to share another photo from my cooking class at Conscious Gourmet. I've been having technical difficulties with my camera lately, and so I haven't been able to take photos the last couple of days. In any event, this meal was scrumptious, and I plan to make it this week. So, at least I have a photo to share from the class. The meal was Lemon Celery Soup, Tempeh Scallopini, Spinach with Swiss Chard, and Cucumber Wakame Salad with Carrot Ginger dressing. I had never had tempeh prepared like this before. It was marinated, then breaded in flour and lightly fried with fresh herbs and shitake mushrooms. It reminded me of France. I was an exchange student, and my host family would cook meat in this manner, with the same herbs. It never occurred to me that I could cook vegetarian dishes that way. In any event, it brought back memories from many years ago!
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