Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I have to admit, I have a huge weakness for chocolate. Pictured are some sweet treats at La Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain. I just realized this morning, that it has been two whole weeks since I've eaten any sort of chocolate. For me that is an eternity. I haven't gone so long without eating chocolate since probably 1998. So here's my dilemma. My birthday is tomorrow. Shall I break my no-chocolate streak? I have some chocolates that I bought three weeks ago, nice beautiful gourmet chocolates. Unbelievably, I forgot about them. They have been sitting in my cupboard unopened and untouched.
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Jenny said...

I would think some nice dark chocolate is called for. Good stuff without processed ingredients. Or maybe you could make that cake from the class, it looked delicious!

Pieceful Jane said...

Yes, have the chocolate! It sounds delicious, and it is your birthday. You deserve it.

Ana said...

Oh Yes!!! Birthday calls for chocolate!! I could not have my birthday treat last week without some chocolate in it! Yummmmmmmm!!!
And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!

Kathleen said...

Ok, I'll have some chocolate! Thanks for the birthday wishes! We have a really nice day planned. With the walking we'll be doing, eating chocolate shouldn't do damage. I hadn't disclosed this before, but I've recently lost 10 pounds, and I'm really happy about that!