Monday, May 28, 2007

Grilled Cheese and Apple Sandwich

This was a delicious twist on a classic sandwich. We made grilled cheese sandwiches by buttering millet bread on the outside and spreading stone ground mustard on the inside, paired with smoked cheddar cheese and slices of Granny Smith apples.
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Jenny said...

This brings back yummy memories. I used to buy a similar sandwich at the snack bar when I was in college. It was grilled cheese with cream cheese and sliced apples. Substituting the cream cheese for mustard actually sounds even better! I'll have to buy some bread and cheese so I can make this myself!

Ana said...

See, I keep saying that apples are delicious with sharp cheese, but not many people around me think so too.
My son will eat anything with cheese, but the husband will turn his nose to it!

Kathleen said...

Hi Ana! I often put additions into my grilled cheese sandwiches, like tomatoes or spinach or whatever. But this was the first time I had tried apples. I know at art show openings there are often cheese and fruit trays. And, I like to eat pieces of cheese with slices of apples, so I figured this would be a great combo for a sandwich, which it was!

Mmmm, Jenny the sandwich you used to have sounds really good! Cream cheese is so good when it is starting to melt!