Saturday, March 17, 2007

What I eat

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. That means that I don't eat any type of meat or fish, but I do eat eggs and milk products. I normally do not drink milk, but if I am somewhere that only has milk, I will drink it. I prefer organic soy milk. When I buy eggs, I buy organic vegetarian. I also eat butter, yogurt and cheese. My husband Pedro eats the same diet as I do, as we decided together to became vegetarians.

Unfortunately, the egg and dairy industries are as bad as the meat industry as far as animal cruelty, etc. Free-range chickens are still sometimes treated cruelly, etc. I do try to educate myself on the reality of our food sources. But I still have a lot to learn. I can completely understand why people feel compelled to become vegan, rather than just vegetarian. Either way it is a personal choice that I respect.

I do not drink alcohol. I will cook with wine as an ingredient, as the alcohol content will simmer out. I am often asked why I don't drink. That always surprises me. There are dozens of reasons why someone would choose not to drink, but I can think of many that would be way too personal to share with a stranger or someone who is not a very close friend. Worse than getting asked that question is when people try to peer pressure me into drinking. So, anyway, I don't dignify the question with an answer and I don't find people who peer pressure very dignified.

Updated January 2008: Here is a more recent post that explains more about what I eat.


Anonymous said...

just had to say "right on!!!" my husband and i don't drink either are believe it or not are still 'cool.'


Kathleen please tell me the difference between vegan an vegetarian. Ah please excuse some mistakes in my english I m mexican.

I m visitin your blog often. Very interesting!

Kathleen said...

Hola Oriccheti! Se puede comentar en espanol si prefieres.

Que bueno que te gusta mi blog! Gracias!

La diferencia entre vegan y vegetarian es que vegan quiere decir que la persona no consume ni usa ningun producto animal. Por ejemplo, no usan zapatos de piel de animal, no comen carne ni queso, etc. Los veganes son los mas estrictos.

Los vegetarianos en general no comen carne pero unos comen queso, leche, o a veces huevos. Tambien los vegetarianos usan productos de piel, como zapatos o bulsos.

Hi Oriccheti: You can reply in Spanish if you prefer.

Great that you enjoy my blog! Thanks!

The difference between vegan and vegetarian is that vegan means that the person doesn't consume or use any animal products. For example, they don't wear leather shoes or eat meat or cheese, etc.
Vegans are the most strict.

Vegetarians generally do not eat meat but they will eat cheese and milk or sometimes eggs, etc. And they will use animal products.