Monday, March 19, 2007

Two Meals with Cabbage

I made a batch of pickled cabbage using a recipe in the Cafe Flora Cookbook. I added Mexican oregano to it as my own touch.

I used some of it in Tofu Reuben Sandwiches. They contain toasted multi grain bread, a slice of heated extra firm tofu (it comes in a package labeled grilled tofu), a slice of mozzarella, the cabbage, honey mustard and horseradish. Tasty! Lacto-vegetarian.

I was inspired by the Vegan Lunchbox to make Pupusas, something I love but can't get at any local restaurants. Pupusas are traditionally served with pickled cabbage (called curtido), so it was another great dish for my cabbage. It was delicious, even if the curtido was not exactly authentic. Inside my pupusas are refried black beans, cilantro and a touch of shredded asiagao cheese. If I were to make pickled cabbage/curtido with pupusas in mind before making the cabbage, I would next time try this recipe, as it is looks to be more like what I am used to eating with pupusas. Anyway, we salivated over them! Vegan.
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