Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mapo Tofu

Here is a dish from page 86 of the April 2007 Vegetarian Times. It's called Mapo Tofu (Braised Tofu with Black Bean Sauce and Ground Soy). It is served on top of brown rice. I am torn with this dish. Pedro and I both found the flavors pleasing, but overall I was unhappy. It didn't end up having any sauciness at all, following the recipe the best I could. I was expecting at least a little sauce for some reason. But, my biggest complaint is that the dish was too meaty. There were no vegetables, only scallions. I know it wouldn't be Mapo Tofu if it had a bunch of veggies, and I did want to try the dish as intended. But, if I make it again, I will load it up with vegetables and skip the soy crumbles. I think shitakes and peppers and snow peas or green beans or really anything would be nice with the tofu and the really nice flavors of the black bean sauce with the sherry and chili oil, etc. I just didn't like the combo of tofu w/soy crumbes. Personal preference. Vegan.

Added 3/30: As I was eating the leftovers for lunch, I just couldn't help listening to Fats Waller, "All that meat and no potatoes, it just ain't right..."

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