Monday, May 7, 2007

A peek into my pantry

I really love beans. They are so satisfying and tasty. It's very easy to be vegetarian when you love beans. I was reorganizing my pantry today to see what I need for my grocery shopping trip this week. And there were some beans I am low on and even out of. For instance, we're out of black beans, which are a big staple in this house. But I still had seven varieties of beans on hand. From the top left going clockwise, lentils, pinto beans, aduki beans, split peas, anasazi beans, cannellini beans, and in the middle, red lentils.

As far as grains, this is what I currently have: millet, quinoa, Inca Red quinoa, corn grits, brown rice, basmati rice, Bhutanese red rice, Minnesota black wild rice, Kalijira brown rice, buckwheat soba noodles, brown rice fettuccine pasta, oats, teff, teff flour, barley, barley flour, spelt flour, corn flour, and flax seed meal. We're not eating wheat or even whole wheat right now to see if it helps during this allergy season.
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