Saturday, May 5, 2007


I have ignored all of the holidays so far since I started this blog. So, I was going to ignore that today is Cinco de Mayo. Especially since this holiday is really not celebrated with much fanfare in Mexico. It's like Labor Day here, you get the day off. But, here's a meal with a bit of what some could consider some Cinco de Mayo flair. Refried anasazi beans with baked plantains, vegetable medley and chunky guacamole - in red and green colors in honor of the Mexican flag. Served with spicy roasted tomato chipotle salsa. And to drink, freshly made ice-cold limada. I was going to serve this on either a green or red plate but both were dirty and I was too lazy to wash them! So, I guess that shows the limit of my holiday spirit!


  • One pitcher of cold filtered water
  • Agave nectar to taste
  • 2 or 3 limes
  • ice cubes
  • lime wedges for garnish

In a pitcher of cold filtered water, stir in the juice from two flavorful limes. If the lime flavor isn't there yet, add the juice from another. Then stir in a couple of squeezes of agave nectar, tasting for sweetness. We like ours on the tart side. Add ice cubes to keep it nice and cold. Serve each glass adorned with a wedge of lime.

Variation: For those who want to celebrate 5 de Mayo the American way, you can add a splash of tequila to your glass of limada. I don't drink, but Pedro tried it with one of his fine tequilas (Agavero), and he said it was really good. I'll take his word for it. It sounds like a good match, since agave nectar and tequila both come from the same plant.

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