Monday, April 23, 2007

Berry Hill Muffins at the Conscious Gourmet

Well, you win some, you lose some. Above is pictured the Berry Hill muffins we made during our final class at Conscious Gourmet. They were fabulous, moist, chewy, with great texture and a wonderful flavor. I brought home a few that were leftover, and Pedro loved them too. So, over the weekend, we tried to make them. And here's how they turned out:

A pile of crumbs! Tasty crumbs, I should add. So, as long as we don't mind eating muffins with a spoon, we're all set! I don't even know where to begin explaining what we did wrong, as there were many things. One thing that we may have a hard time correcting in our next attempt is the sweetener. The recipe calls for maple sugar, and I can't find anywhere in my city that sells it. Probably I can get some online. Anyway, we used brown rice syrup as a substitute and used less of the liquid ingredients to try to compensate, but somehow, we may not have compensated correctly. Other things went wrong too though, from the coconut oil congealing, to the muffins sticking to the pans, etc. At least the flavor was still there! Ovo-vegetarian.
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Madelyn said...

These muffins are AWESOME. I participated in the making of the original batch when at the Conscious Gourmet training. Carlos Delgado, from the NY Mets, ate one of the muffins from the original batch and loved them.

Kathleen said...

Wow, that's pretty neat, an unofficial endorsement from a NY Met! Can't claim that every day!