Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

It has been unseasonably cold and cloudy in Florida lately, which probably accounts for my sudden craving for hearty oatmeal with sauteed fruit and walnuts. Breakfast foods are generally very vegetarian-friendly. This version of oatmeal is vegan, as it is old fashioned oats cooked in soy milk, and the fruit is sauteed in vegan-friendly Earth Balance Buttery Sticks with turbinado sugar and cinnamon.


Ana said...

Hi Kathleen!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I came to visit yours and already liked it a lot, specially it being a vegetarian blog!
I also LOVE fruits and vegetables and always said I would be a vegetarian and live on the best foods around (fruits and veggies, of course), I also love beans and grains and trying new and different foods.
My idea was never very approved in my family and I married a meat-eater too.
I eat mostly vegetarian during the week, when I cook mostly for me and my 5 year-old, who by the way loves tofu and soy meatballs! hehehe!
I am on my way to becoming a vegetarian, and really enjoy visiting the vegetarian blogs around.
I subscribe to VT magazine and enjoy it a whole bunch, there are some very nice recipes in there.
Thanks again for visiting me, I am glad I was able to give you the recipe you were looking for!
I hope you come back and I will definitely visit you on a regular basis!
Ohhhh, and the oatmeal with the apples looks great, I LOOOOOVE oatmeal! Yummmmm!!!

Pieceful Jane said...

Oatmeal is the only cereal type breakfast I will eat. I love the sound of the apples and nuts. I like mine with coconut flakes and macadamia nuts.

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the comments, Jane and Ana!
Jane: now I HAVE to try putting coconut and macadamias in my oatmeal. That sounds heavenly!

Ana: I'll certainly be returning to your blog! You have so many wonderful recipes! That's great that your 5 year old is growing up loving tofu and soy products. I'm lucky that both of us in my house eat the same diet, as everyone's always happy with whatever I cook. By the way, when I was a meat-eater I spent a summer in Brazil (1991). And, I must confess, the meat I had in Brazil was better than any I've ever had. There are a few Yucatecan meat dishes that compete though. However, in Brazil I was always craving vegetables. I have always been a vegetarian at heart!

Ana said...

Hi Kathleen!
How nice that you have been to Brazil!! I love my country and truly wish to one day go back and live there.
The meat there definitely is better, as are the fruits and vegetables. Which by the way is what I miss most after my own family.
Fruits and veggies are extremely fresh in Brazil, they are not like the tasteless colorless produce we sometime (most of the time) find around the US.... in Brazil they are fresh, local, bright colored and full of flavors. Especially the fruits, I so miss the mangoes and papayas from Brazil... they were the best.
Around here the best deal is to buy seasonally and whenever possible food that is locally grown, in my experience those are the ones that have best flavor.
Have you had coconut water when in Brazil?? I love the stuff and really miss that here too!
I saw your comment in my "brigadeiro" post, those are real Brazilian treats, and we all like at our home, my son loves when he has a birthday party from one of the Brazilian kids, he knows there will be some brigadeiros around! hehehe!!
I am the same as you, grew up as a meat eater, but a vegetarian at heart! I am certainly teaching my son how healthy it is to eat fruits, veggies and grains. I learned about and how to cook tofu recently, and am already showing him the goodness and healthness about it too. He loves and we fight over the little bits of tofu in our plates! This week I tried making tofu scramble and we both loved, so simple, right? We ate it all and both wanted more!
I really enjoy talking to you. Any tips or recipes you would like from Brazil just let me know and I will be glad to share with you!

Kathleen said...

Ana, how true, the fruit I had in Brazil was amazing. I really loved caja fruit juice and icecream too. Did I spell that right? I look forward to exchanging recipes and tips!