Monday, October 1, 2007

Picnic at the Beach

It is nice to be back in Florida after all the traveling we've done lately. So, we decided to take a little picnic to the beach. Unfortunately there is red tide here right now, so we didn't actually go too close to the water and risk getting itchy throats. But, we still had a nice picnic near the beach on Amelia Island. There is a very nice bakery on Atlantic, between downtown and the beach at Fernandina on the island. It is called Chez Lezan. We purchased a boule of their sourdough to eat with our picnic. It had a super thick, crunchy crust and soft tasty interior. Yum! It went well with our salads of red pepper, orange tomatoes, lettuce, walnuts and queso fresco (a salty, crumbly Mexican cheese).

For dessert we peeled some Asian pears. So juicy and sweet!

Our unexpected bonus was the nature walk we took at Egans Creek, where we were able to photograph some roseate spoonbills napping on a tree. Maybe we just hadn't been to the right places before, but this was the first time in nine years in Florida that we've seen any.


Amy said...

OMG, Fernandina! I used to live in Jacksonville. You have to go find Organic Jungle and get some lunch!

Kathleen said...

Hi Amy! Actually, I've been there, though not in ages. I heard they closed... I've tried to verify it. Their phone number is disconnected, so I believe it is true they are no longer there.

Amy said...

Really? That's sad. It was brand new when I lived there - I watched them remodel the space to open up - which was in 2003-2004.... so I guess it didn't last long. :(