Friday, September 14, 2007

More Kansas City

I had no idea what to expect visually before landing in Kansas City, as I had done very little research. There were some excellent museums. Above is the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, modern, shiny and angular. The other (bigger) art museum, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, has two buildings and a big outdoor sculpture park. One building is an older neoclassical and the other is a new modern wing that opened this summer. The modern wing was a wonderful building to be in, with great natural light inside. Unfortunately I don't have photos.

A few blocks away is Brush Creek with pretty bridges, walkways, and parks, seen above. On the same creek is a shopping and entertainment district, seen below, that was architecturally modeled after the Spanish city of Seville. It is called Country Club Plaza, but I heard the locals refer to it as The Plaza and even just Plaza. It has many blocks of stores, restaurants and bars. I couldn't figure out if it was too much like being at Disney or if it was charming. I will say I spent much longer walking around there than I thought I would when I first parked there. So, that says something. It all looked brand new, but with further research, I learned that it was actually designed in the 1920s.

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