Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crepes in Austin

By strange coincidence, last month I mentioned Flip Happy Crepes in Austin, Texas in this blog. I had never been to Texas, unless the Houston airport counts, and I had no plans to visit. But, this month an unexpected opportunity to go to Austin came my way, so I went. So of course I had to visit Flip Happy. Above is shown the ambiance: the vintage trailer with its pink awnings, the assorted tables, and the unpaved parking lot where it all takes place.

Yummy! They were scrumptious! What else can I say? There were savory and sweet crepes. Several vegetarian options. Above is the tarragon mushroom, wrapped like a burrito. It contains the tarragon mushrooms, caramelized onions, spinach, tomato and Gruyere cheese.

This one is a dreamsicle crepe, as it contains a swirl of lemon curd and vanilla pastry cream with fresh berries on top. It was the special crepe of the day.

And this is their caramelized banana, Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) and dark chocolate sauce crepe. The whole experience at Flip Happy put a big smile on my face!


Amy said...

Boy, I love crepes... (great pics, by the way). If you ever get to New Orleans, try Crepes A La Cart..

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Those look and sound wonderful. Yum.

Austin? I want to go to Austin. Do you suppose if I say it in my blog I will get a chance to go? I can only hope.

I get to see Jenny in a few weeks. Woohoo! Ethiopian food. Yum, Yum.


Anonymous said...

HI Kathleen - I heard of this place in the Food Network. They were challenged to a Throwdown with Bobby Flay. If I'm not mistaken - the girls from the crepe place won. The crepes seem scrumptious... if I ever go to Austin... i'll eat there and tell you all about it. Madelyn.