Thursday, September 13, 2007

Great Bakeries in Kansas City

Since Pedro and I have a new interest in bread, we made sure to visit a few bakeries when we were in the Kansas City area. One was Artisan Francais, which was located in Kansas. The apricot tart, above on left, brought back memories of my time as an exchange student in France, as my host family often bought them. Pedro especially enjoyed the almond pear tart, pictured above and below.

Below is a loaf of their Lavender Herbs de Provence bread. The crust and crumb were quite good. The one thing that was distracting was that the herbs tended to be in large clumps, rather than evenly distributed. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be like that.

And below, in the paper bag, is their country bread, Pain de Campagne.

There was a bakery we would have loved to visit, Fervere, but it wasn't open the days we were visiting. Luckily though, the restaurant next door to it, The Bluebird Bistro, served their bread with our meal. So we got to try the Pain au Levain, which was deeply flavored, absolutely excellent. The Fervere Bakery itself is a work of art, as seen on their web page. If only I had been able to sample all of their breads...

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