Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Meals

I was so absorbed cooking and being a host for Christmas, that I didn't take very many photos. Above is a photo of our Christmas lunch, but before the table was finished being set. My mom made the gorgeous quilt that is in the center. It's great that she thought to bring it with her, because it adds so much to the table.

From the top to the bottom there is wine, French lentils with a creamy mushroom sauce, coleslaw, whipped white beans with black truffle oil, quinoa pilaf, tomato and cucumber salad with dill dressing, babaganoush (eggplant), and greens with walnuts and nutmeg. Also on the table is a goblet of lemon-lime spritzer for me, since I don't drink alcohol. Another drink, not pictured, that we had following dinner was coquito, a traditional Puerto Rican drink featured on my friend Madelyn's blog. There was freshly baked bread being cut in the kitchen that hadn't made it to the table yet, as well as a pumpkin soup. Actually, the soup never made it to the table; we ended up eating it for lunch the following day with some of our savory ciabatta bread and a salad.

For Christmas Eve dinner we made individual pizzas with a selection of toppings on homemade 100% whole wheat crust.

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Madelyn - KarmaFree Cooking said...

those pizzas look totally delicious... please post the recipe for teh whole wheat crusts. I am very eager to learn to make them.

And I am glad you made the Coquito recipe. I still have some in my fridge. I think I'll have some tonight.