Sunday, June 24, 2007

Roasting Plant Coffee Shop

We had never heard of the Roasting Plant in the Lower East Side, but if we had, would have definitely made a visit on purpose. So we were very happy to find it by accident. I had never seen a shop like this before. You pick the coffee beans you want, or a mix of beans, and then stand back and watch the spectacle. The beans shoot up through see-through tubes, and then travel over to one of the two coffee grinders/espresso machines. Then they are ground and your espresso shot is pulled. But, that's not all you can observe, if you happen to be in the store at the right time. You can also watch the beans get roasted. Below you can see in the picture five tubes of green (lighter colored, unroasted) coffee beans. When it is time to roast them, you can watch the beans shoot into the coffee roaster (to the far right). While we were there sipping our coffee, they roasted their house blend, so we saw beans shoot over from several different tubes into the roaster. Anyway, it was an interesting way to get your morning fix. And our espresso shot was perfectly pulled.

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