Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Buckwheat Crepes

Since I had plenty of leftover buckwheat crepes, I just had to make a few sweet ones for a special treat. I have been thinking of banana-filled crepes since reading Ana's crepe entry last week in her blog Kitchen Space. I forgot to add extra sweetener to the batter for the sweet crepes, but they still tasted great with the sweet filling.

I made my banana filling by heating some butter in a small skillet. Then I added sliced banana, a bit of cinnamon and a drop of agave nectar and sauteed. Then I added a splash of port and let the alcohol simmer away. Then I grated some nutmeg over the top. Delicious!

DH made the chocolate topping by melting in a double boiler, a chunk of unsweetened chocolate with some agave nectar and a pat of butter. Note, when I reheated the leftover chocolate, I added some warm milk.
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Ana said...

Cool!! I like the use of buckwheat crepes!! I am glad you liked the idea, the sweet banana filling was so good when I made mine, but yours with port...hummm, might have been heaven!