Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Angelica Kitchen

We ate twice at Angelica Kitchen this trip to New York. It specializes in organic, vegan cuisine. We ate the Daily Specials both visits. I wish I had written down the names and descriptions of them, as they were clever. Above is a salad which highlights purslane and is garnished with toasted sea vegetable. There is also roasted cauliflower, marinated tofu, red rice, green beans and a creamy cashew sauce. It was outstanding!

Above is a Moroccan-inspired dish that was cooked in a tagine. It was a stew with chickpeas, tomatoes, and other vegetables and spices. There was an apricot chutney, steamed broccoli, and a cucumber mint salad accompanying the stew. The grain was a mixture of teff and quinoa. It was excellent!

For dessert, we couldn't resist sharing a Strawberry Kanten Parfait. It had a nice oatmeal crumb topping. There were layers of strawberry and cashew cream and it was sweetened very moderately, which I really appreciated. We learned how to make a similar dish at the Conscious Gourmet cooking class I took last year. For the recipe, visit my friend Madelyn's blog, Karma-Free Cooking.

Here is the exterior of Angelica Kitchen. It is located on E 12th Street between First and Second Avenues. I found that the food there really helped balance me. When traveling, I find that I eat so many things I normally don't eat, and then I start to react to the food. I had a very negative reaction after eating too much sugar one day, which I am not used to eating at all anymore. So, Angelica Kitchen was a welcomed haven. Maybe for most people, the food there is what they normally wouldn't eat, but for me, it was comforting and familiar.
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Martha Marshall said...

Your blog is inspiring, Kathleen. I've subscribed and will be peeking in often.

You made my mouth water with this first Chelsea report! And you made me wish I could go.