Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Merida en Domingo (Merida on Sundays)

I realized I didn't really share any photos that show a glimpse of what Merida, Yucatan looks like. So here are some photos I took during Merida en Domingo (Merida on Sundays) which is a celebration every weekend. Above is a street vendor selling ice cream in one of squares that participates in the party, Parque Santa Lucia. Nearby was a band playing music to which quite a large group of couples were dancing. In this same park, as well in as in the zocalo (the main big park), there are booths stationed where people sell handicrafts. It was funny, but many streets are closed to cars for this celebration, but nearly everyone still walks on the narrow sidewalks.

Above are booths of handicrafts in the zocalo.

Another thing that happens on Sundays is that on the Pasejo Montejo, which is the grandest boulevard in Merida, the south-bound lane is closed to cars as an invitation to bicyclists and pedestrians. Unlike the streets downtown, people were actually taking advantage of the fact this street was closed for their benefit. Our hotel was on this street,and it was fun watching everyone enjoying themselves. There was a constant stream of people taking advantage of it. There were walkers, bicyclists, runners, even kids on tricycles and Big Wheels. This street closure for pedestrians has been a more recent addition to Merida en Domingo festivities, starting about six years ago. Pictured below.

On Sunday evenings downtown you will find musicians, called Trios, that you can pay to serenade your sweetheart. A Trio in Yucatan will be comprised of three musicians, each more than likely playing their choice of one of these instruments: guitar, requinto, maracas, or bass. They will play for you on the spot or you can hire them to surprise your sweetheart at her window in the middle of the night.

Below you can glimpse some of the variety of architecture and a long standing fixture in Merida, the horse-drawn carriages. They are a tourist attraction, not a standard mode of transportation.

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